My Version of Bacon Explosion

Above video, is similar to what I made, making the bacon explosion you can pretty stuffed it with anything.

I have seen various posts about the bacon explosion, yet I didn’t see anything with veggies stuffing. So instead of using bacon as my stuffing inside my bacon explosion, I decided to use a different kind of vegetables. Having much bacon as waives is enough for us.

The first thing I did was chop all the veggies I wanted to use. Then I started working on waiving my bacon.

Second, I formed the sausage a little smaller than my bacon waives, then I seasoned it with bbq sauce, pork rub-dry oregano, and Italian seasoning. (Remember to use foil or wax paper underneath your sausage to make it easy to roll)

After I rolled the sauce and made sure it was secure, I put it on the top of the bacon, as you see in the picture below. Then I rolled the bacon up and it was ready to bake.

The bacon explosion looks after everything; it’s finished rolling. It’s a pretty thing, and golly, it’s delicious. I baked this for two hours in half on 350, and I must say very it was delicious. My kids and husband loved it.

After baking the bacon explosion for two hours, this is how it looks. This dish made the whole house smells very delicious. My husband and kids were so excited to give this a taste.

Below are the ingredients on how to make my version of bacon explosion.

Ingredients i used:

2 lbs bacon
4 lbs sausage ( i made sure i have enough to use nothing wrong on having extra)
3 carrots ( I used the peeler to have the desire slice i want) cut the veggies the way you want it.
1 big green bell pepper chopped
1 onions chopped
4 tbsp pork rub
2 tbsp dry oregano ( add more as needed)
2 Italian seasoning
1 cup bbq sauce ( i made my homemade bbq sauce but you can use any bbq sauce you desire)


1. Slice all your veggies first, and make sure that your countertop is clean because assembling this meal required much space, ( well at least for me, it does since my kitchen is a bit small)

2. Then I waive my bacon; you can go on youtube on how to waive bacon; it’s pretty easy.
3. Then brush the bacon with BBQ sauce, season it with the pork rub, Italian seasoning, and dry oregano.
4. Flatten your sausage on the top of the foil, make sure it’s not too wide for your bacon, add the veggies and roll it.
5. Once it’s rolled, add it on the top of the bacon, then move it again, but this time with the bacon. Please make sure you roll it well. You can grill this or bake it, and I choose to bake mine that way, I won’t be wasting so much gas. So what I did was I put it on the baking pan with holes on it; that way, the juices from the bacon will not soak my bacon explosion.

So I used a lasagna baking pan to catch all the juices. This meal will make your house smells delicious. I baked this at 350 degrees for two hours but made sure you checked in between baking. Enjoy and let me know what you think. You can create this any way you want; that’s what cooking is all about.

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