Things you can do to have a great morning.

I know getting up in the morning is the hardest part of our day especially if you are not a morning person.  How many times do you press that snooze button before you get up each morning, putting off just to get that extra sleep before getting out of bed and starting your day a little late?

Even I am guilty of this, I like having a little time in my bed before emerging and then rushing. Ignoring your hungry stomach, contemplating if you should just skip showering, or just soaking your hair with a little sprinkle of water, and hope that no one will notice that you just pull your shirt off the laundry basket and didn’t have time to iron it.

We can love the morning or hate it, but the truth is we have to get up and start our day fresh. None of those feeling tired attitude, grumpy, stressed and rushing. Because that really affects how our day goes.  So here some tips that we all can apply to our Morning.

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